Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why choose a Lipovica radiator?

The Lipovica radiator is a high-quality product created as a result of a 50-year production tradition. Lipovica radiators are made of high-quality aluminum, which is known for its resistance to corrosion and conducts temperature faster than steel. Our radiators are produced in sections, which is why it is possible to extend the radiator battery at any time, thereby ensuring a warmer room. We offer a 10-year warranty for our product, which speaks volumes for the quality and reliability of Lipovica radiators!

What does the "crackling" of the radiator during operation mean?

The radiator should not "crack" during normal operation. The most common cause of "cracking" is the use of faulty or inappropriate consoles.

How many elements are needed in one room?

The number of articles depends on several factors (room dimensions, insulation and others). To find out the approximate number of articles, consult your installer or contact our technical support.

What is the maximum number of articles that can be connected to a radiator?

For a radiator with a connection from the floor or wall, it is recommended, due to its functionality, to connect a maximum of 30 elements to the radiator (set + 28 elements).

Does Lipovica offer service for old radiators?

Lipovica does not offer radiator service, but if you do not have a solution, call our technical support and we will do our best to find a solution.

Can the old radiator be painted and plasticized?

In Lipovica, it is not possible to paint and plasticize old radiators. If you do it yourself, it is recommended to paint the radiator with any paint intended for painting cars. It is not possible to plasticize the old radiator due to the high temperature during the process itself, which can lead to damage to the sealant and almost certain leakage of the radiator.

Which antifreeze to put in radiators?

Contact specialized stores that sell radiators and have antifreeze in their range of products.

Does Lipovica produce radiators larger than standard heights?

Lipovica radiators are produced in a special way by pressure molding in one piece and the height of the radiator depends on the size of the high-pressure machine (press) that casts the radiators. To produce a different height/dimension, a new tool is required. With regard to serial production, the new tool is used exclusively for the production of larger quantities of the same model.

How to clean and maintainj Lipovica radiators?

It is enough to clean the radiators regularly with a soft and damp cloth, which removes the surface layer of dust. Newer generations of Lipovica radiators have straight lines and require minimal maintenance.