Generally about production

The Lipovica factory for die cast aluminium radiator, pressure casts and gravitational casts has been in existence for over forty years..
The name Lipovica has over forty years become a synonym for quality, durability and reliability for die cast aluminium radiators. They are simple to install, can be adapted in various radiator section sizes, functional and aesthetical attractive. The radiators can be supplied in a green colour and in the sought specifications, they can be connected to installations in the floor or wall and are priced affordability. These just some of the characteristics on account of which the Lipovica radiator has gained today's status The performance of our radiators are supported by our 20 year guarantee.

Our other product are die cast aluminium pedestrian columns. Designed to be incorporated into any ambient, the pedestrian columns provide an elegant and aesthetical solution for segregating pedestrian zones from thoroughfares and for other similar purposes. They are coloured according to the customer's choice. The colours are resistant to UV radiation and other atmospheric effects.

Our third group of products include products that are cast in pressure and gravity casts as requested by customers. In our many years of experience, we have manufactured casts for the industries such as the auto, electronic and electrical, furniture, construction, and shipbuilding industries including a whole series of other fields. In cooperation with our partners, we are able to construct tools for casting and moulds with a high finish.

With the introduction of the ISO 9001 quality assurance system and the ISO 14000 environmental protection standard, Lipovica is clearly dedicated to product and service quality as well as environmental protection. The quality of products and services as well as protection of man's surroundings has become the main priority of all our endeavours, with special attention afforded to the demands of our customers.

Use our products and services with complete trust,
we are supported by tradition and experience!