"The world is moving at such a pace today that the person who says something cannot be done, is usually interrupted by someone who is already doing it" – Norman Vincent Peale

It's possible to do the impossible. This is what we've been doing for forty years. We have been continuing a tradition of manufacturing die cast aluminium radiators initially started by the leading company in the region. Our intention is to become a manufacturer of the best aluminium radiators in the world and provide the best service possible. We will subsequently try to remain negligible impact factor to the environment.


Our operations cover manufacturing and delivery of high-quality radiators and products while at the same time adhering to ecological standards that are winning the confidence of the client and consumer. We satisfy customer needs that stem from the latest trends in the use of renewable energy sources and adopt the principle of sustainable development of the wider community.

We manufacture, develop and advance long-term relations with our clients and consumers in a quick and quality manner while constantly satisfying all requirements. All that we do is dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients on the domestic and foreign markets.

The company contributes to value adding by continually investing into new technologies, recognising new business opportunities and setting market trends.
The success of our company is based on the quality and enthusiasm of our employees.